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of tom clements and shot him in texas, police killed this man, evan ebel, after a high-speed chase. bull resident casings at that scene match those from colorado. we learned ebel got of of prison four years earlier because of a clerical error, and now investigators are looking for these two men who they say were in, quote, frequent contact with eben in the 48 hours before the prison chief's murder. alicia is live. and investigators are not calling either guy a suspect. right? >> right now they're wanted as persons of interest in the murder of tom clement, and they're also wanted in unrelated arrest warrants. take another look. this is thomas james ghoully. 31, 5'5", 160-pounds and several tattoos, police warn he is likely with frames franklin lore, 47, 6'0", 160 pounds, many tattoos. they could be anywhere but sheriffs investigators say they're focusing on nevada and texas, and they want to remind people not to approach them because they could pose a threat to anyone who approaches them. >> shepard: we have more information on ebel's threats to prison officials. right? >> that's right. b
and shot him dead when he open the door. motive unclear. then later in texas, evan ebel had a police shootout. bull let casings reportedly found near the body of victim clements. this morning sheriffs report they busted this guy who shay say was in constant contact we ebel in the days just before the murder of the prison0s chief. investigators say ebel was in the very same gang as the month busted today, and they're still searching for another guy, person of interest, who is believed to be armed and dangerous. we're live in denver with more. any word on how the search is going? >> they're still searching right now about officials say that james lohr was found a few miles from the home of tom clements, and the reports are he off off on foot after the police tried to pull him over for traffic stop. he is not a suspect in this case at this point but is a known associate of the prison white supremacist gang, the 211 crew. and ghoully is armed and dangerous. both men are considered persons of interest in the murder of colorado prison director tom clements who was killed at his home march
on a technicality, a mistake, an accident? evan ebel was let loose in january because of a clerical error. he's now believed to have killed nathan leon, an employee who delivered pizzas on the side, then colorado prison chief tom clements. ebel himself was killed in a shootout with sheriff's deputies in texas on march 21st. meanwhile, the widow of nathan leon is devastated. listen to what she had to say earlier today. >> it happened once, it's going to happen again. i mean, clerical error. clerical error ain't going to bring my husband back. it's not going to bring tom clements back. it's not going to bring my children's father back. how do you tell your 4-year-old daughters that? and have to go on the rest your life knowing that this could have been prevented? if somebody would have done their job? and stood up and went through that paperwork before they ever released this monster into society. >> joining me now is katie leon along with her mother, bernadette. welcome to you both. extremely powerful and emotional comments there from you, katie. it's an almost unbelievable case, this, that somebody
clements shot to death at his home by a former prison inmate. investigators believe evan ebel may have plotted that with fellow white supremacists. clements had cracked down on their prison gang, 211 crew. thomas gilly and james ware are believed to be armed and any police officer who crosses their path could be in danger. ebel spent a lot of time fantasizing about killing people in law enforcement, and that goes back years, long before he died in a police shoot-out in texas. martin savidge in denver, joins us by phone. you have a glimpse into his hate-filled mind. >> it was prison authorities as well. they knew that the interaction with prison guards, he had a real problem with authority, and he would threaten them. strike them, and he would threaten them with death and not just them, threaten their families, and ty managed to get hold of a letter that he was writing to on the outside. this is where the fantasy issue comes in. he was telling the person about alleged the abuses the guards were making and how he handled that. and he said at one point, "i just fantasize about catching th
that somebody rang the doorbell, the husband answered and was shot. >> reporter: evan ebel was a member of a white supremacist prison gang who escaped from colorado. >> he was going 100 miles an hour. >> reporter: mclelland said he made a dent in the aryan brotherhood of texas and federal prosecutors indicted dozens of members of the group on melt pull charges of drug trafficking. in december law enforcement officials sent a bulletin saying that they planned to retaliate. >> if they can prove the aryan brotherhood of texas is involved it is carr tell like. they are capable of extreme violence against rivals and now maybe to public officials who are standing in the way of their business. >> a clear concern to individuals who are in public life, particularly those who deal with some very mean and vicious individuals, whether they're white supremacy groups or whether they're the drug carr tells that we have. >> reporter: whatever the motive behind the attacks, the ramifications are clear. >> it's not only an assault on those two and their families but it's an assault on the rule of law and
of the prison gang 211 crew that's been linked to murder suspect evan ebel. now ebel was killed by authorities last week. he's suspected of killing colorado prison chief tom clements and a denver area pizza delivery man. meanwhile, threats and safety concerns have caused a federal prosecutor in houston to step down from a case involving another white supremacist gang. the move will not stop the case from moving forward. >>> president obama was in colorado yesterday drumming up support for gun control legislation that's been stalled on capitol hill. speaking before a police academy in denver, the president praised colorado's newly passed gun laws, he also appealed to the state's gun owners by spelling out what this plan does and does not include. >> if there's any folks who are out there right now who are gun owners and you've been hearing somehow somebody is taking away your guns, get the facts. we're not proposing a gun registration system. we're proposing background checks for criminals. >> the president also met with local law enforcement officials and community leaders to discuss the state
officials now say even ebel -- evan ebel was released from jail four years early due to a clerical mistake. ebel was supposed to serve more time for punching a prison guard, but they weren't clear that it was consecutive, in other words, after the one he was serving. >> i am confident that they will fix the problem going forward and that it won't happen again, and i think it's probably worth the effort to go back and make sure we don't have any other cases out there where this problem has occurred before. >> ebel is linked to the murder of colorado prison chief tom clements and a pizza delivery driver last month. he was killed in a shoot-out with police in texas two weeks ago. >>> we're also following new developments this morning in the murder of texas district attorney mike mclelland and his wife. the search warrant shows they were shot multiple times in their home just a couple months after an assistant d.a. in kaufman county was also killed. investigators have no clear move or suspect in either case. cnn's george howell is live in kaufman, texas. good morning, george. >> reporter: john
the doorbell at his home in colorado. two days later, evan spencer ebel, suspected of murdering clements, was killed in a shootout with texas deputies about 100 miles from kaufman county. for more we're joined by mark potok, senior fellow at the southern poverty law center. the group tracks hate groups and he described iran brotherhood of texas or abt is perhaps the most violent white supremacist gang in the country. he is joining us from alabama. welcome back to "democracy now!" let's talk about what happened this weekend with the district attorney mcclelland and his wife and then go backwards from there. his ada, the prosecutor heavily involved in the investigation of the aryan brotherhood, and also what has been going on in colorado. >> it is an incredible set of circumstances as you have said, mike mcclelland and his wife cynthia were murdered over the weekend, on saturday or perhaps friday night, and it sounds very much like an assassination. there door was reportedly kicked in. there were all kinds of shell casings all over the floor. it looks like they opened the door to a strange
? >> reporter: that's right. this is a letter that the department of corrections confiscated from evan ebel back in 2006. it is something that he wrote to a friend named shauna, which he complains about the way that the guards were treating him in prison. he writes, quote, i just fantasize about catching them out on the bricks and subjecting them to vicious torture and eventual murder. that seems to get me through the days with a good degree of my sanity remaining intact. the letter was entered as evidence at a sentencing hearing after ebel was con in haved of punching a guard in the face. he was supposed to serve an extra four years but was released early due to what was being called, a clerical error. martha: what a story. alicia. thank you very much. bill: been watching this for a while now. timeline of clements murder. evan ebel released from prison january 28th of this year. then on march 17th police believe ebel kills an ibm worker moonlighting as a pizza delivery driver and steals his car. two days later, prison chief tom clements gunned down after answering the front door of his home. ma
and age. >> five days, five days, that's how long it took colorado officials to know that evan ebel had disabled his ankle monitor. ebel required to wear the monitor while he was on parole for assault. on march 1 49. his ankle monitor sent off a tamper alert. it took authorities five days to investigate and by then, a pizza delivery man had been murdered and so had colorado's prison chief. >>> and police continue to investigate the murder of two prosecutors in texas, in colorado, a prosecutor had her own close call. investigators say an unarmed intruder killed after trying to push his way into the home of the prosecutor and her husband, who happens to be a sheriff's deputy. jim spellman more from colorado. >> carol, authorities tell us it was just before midnight monday night when a call came in from 911 from a district attorney in hot sulfur springs, colorado. she reported a stranger at their door acting erratically. there was some sort of altercation and either the deputy district attorney or her husband, who say sheriff's deputy, shot this man. his name is joshua stevens, in his earl
. now, this is clements' suspected killer, evan ebel, and he was in a shootout with police in march. and they want to find the two other men considered armed and dangerous. the fbi is investigating possible links between clements' murder and the killing i just mentioned of the texas d.a., michael mclelland and his wife cynthia on saturday. they're looking into it. and the assistant d.a., mark hasse, was killed back in january so they clearly think that the murders of the three people you see on screen here were related and the question is whether these can be tied to what happened to the colorado prison director. more on that as we get it. we're hearing new warnings today from critics of president obama's, as he rolls out the next phase of the health care law. the administration is setting rules to hire potentially tens of thousands of what are called navigators. these are the folks who are supposed to guide the millions of americans who are going to sign up for new insurance, under these, you know, state exchanges. it's hard. some of these forms are 26 pages long and you're going t
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by that man, the alleged doorstep killer, evan ebel. that's ahead on "360. " we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. " " invest with confidence. t. rowe price. request a prospectus or summary prospectus ." >>> it looks like the end of an iconic era in tv news may be just around the corner. barbara walter is reportedly ready to retire. the news broke today, multiple reports that she is likely to retire may of next year. abc, the place where she hosted "the view" since 1997 in addition to prime time specials isn't commenting officially. walters is 83 years old. she's had some recent health problems. she had heart surgery in 2010, took some time off earlier this year to recover from chickenpox and a concussion. let's talk about it with bill carter who covers the tv industry for the "new york times." this is truly the end of an era when she retires. any idea why she's reportedly doing this now? >> well, she hasn't said. i think she will say. i think she will explain it, but i think this news leaked a little early, obviously. i think they were planning on her doing it on her
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two people in cold blood. i'm talking about evan ebel who killed colorado's police chief and murdered a pizza delivery man and drove half way across the country before authorities even put a warrant out for his arrest. it doesn't add up. and our reporter is "outfront." >> reporter: he was serving time for armed robbery, prison disciplinary documents show he was anything but a model prisoner. in november 2006, this report describes ebel striking a staff member, threatened to kill staff member and family. in 2005, this report described another chilling account of ebel's rage saying he would kill her if he ever saw her on the streets and that he would make her beg for her life. this new information on his violent behavior combined with the revelation that a clerical error led to him being released four years early added anger to the ang vish of victim's families. the widow of the first person that ebel is suspected of killing. >> clerical error is not going to bring my husband back. it's not going to bring tom back. it's not going to bring my children's father back. how do i tell my 4-ye
. an el paso county sheriff spokesman would not say whether the pair knew evan ebel, the man suspected of killing clements. and a disturbing letter, by the way, has surfaced, written by ebel to a friend back in 2006. in it, he discusses fantasies about catching prison guards once he's freed, torturing and eventually killing them. the letter is signed with a swastika and he calls himself "big bad evil evan ebel." ebel was killed in a shoot-out with texas deputies last month. >>> coming up tonight on cnn's "ac 360," an exclusive interview with the wife of murdered colorado prison chief tom clements. >>> new this morning, hours ago, the state of connecticut putting the nation's toughest gun laws on the books less than four months after the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. early this morning, the state house passed a measure that adds more than 100 guns to the list of banned assault weapons and selling large-capacity magazines is illegal. governor dan malloy is expected to sign the bill at noon. much of the law takes effect as soon as the ink hits the paper. >>> a southern califor
these two people and then the killer of the prison chief, evan ebel who's now dead? >> right, evan ebel is the prime suspect. he of course was killed in texas in a shootout. ever since then the case hasn't ended. they want to find out a couple things. did he have accomplices and were there other names on a potential hit list and could those accomplices be trying to fulfill that list. so that's why the investigatee investigation always gone on. anybody who was acquainted with ebel is now a person of interest you could say. these men are not wanted in the sense that there are warrants out for them in the particular case of the murder of clementss. but they are wanted because they were associates of ebel. so that's the connection receipt now. 211, probably one of the most vicious white supremacist gangs that operates in the u.s. prison system right now. so they're associated with that right now and that's a bad combination. >> i don't know if you know the answer to this. ghouly and lohr, were they in fact inmates with ebel? they're not escaped inmates. it's not like they're looking for esc
illegally and gave it to evan ebel, who couldn't buy a firearm of his own. a spokesman for the el paso county sheriff's office says investigators are not yet certain if individual jill knew about ebel's plans to kill clements. >>> well, pope francis is just 16 days into his papacy, and already he's making headlines for his unusual inclusion in yesterday's holy thursday ritual. the washing of the feet carried out by pope francis sparked debate when the newly elected leader became the first pope ever to wash and kiss the feet of a woman, a surprising departure from strict church rules limiting the holy ritual move to men only. some welcome it as a sign of greater inclusion in the church. >>> a victim of identity thief, supreme court justice john roberts. someone got ahold of one of his credit cards, but he had to use cash as a suburban maryland starbucks this week, for his morning coffee, telling the barista, he canceled his car. >>> now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scramble politics. senator mark kirk is getting some well wishes from a hollywood a-lister, jennifer an
reports that evan ebel had joined a white supremacist gang while in prison. >> colorado prosecutors say they're going after the death penalty for james holmes. he's the man charged with killing a dozen people in a movie theatre last july. this is holmes at an earlier hearing -- no cameras were allowed inside court today. the prosecutor says he talked about the penalty with the 60 people who lost relatives in the shooting. and decided that "justice is death". if it happens -- a friend of one of the victims says he wants to be there. this was the arrival of james holmes' parents today. his mother began crying in court today. but holmes showed no reaction. his attorneys had tried for a deal that would have meant life in prison -- but the prosecutors refused. >> jacqueline: dry conditions tonight. as for the fog. we will definitely see a lot of fog. the increase with rain. and as for go towards the 8:00 p.m. hour. stubborn. still lingering over the north bay. portions of the south bay. san francisco temperatures in the south bay will be warmer. cooler for the east bay shore. and remember yo
the suspect in that case, evan ebel, was released from prison four years early because of a clerical error. ebel was also a suspect in the murder of a pizza delivery man. nathan leon whose widow says the apology won't bring her husband back. >> i'm a 30-year-old widow with two little 4-year-olds. did i have to go on the rest of my life explaining what happened to their dad. that this all could have been prevented. >> katherine leon says a press release sending condolences to her family is simply not enough. >>> aurora theater shooting suspect james holmes will face the death penalty if convicted. prosecutors in colorado say in this case, justice demands the ultimate punishment. they turned down an offer by holmes to plead guilty. the defense says they won't be ready till early next year. >>> court employees are due in court in a massive cheating scandal. a former superintendent as well as teachers, principals and test coordinators face charges in the scheme to change students' scores on high stakes federal tests. prosecutors say they wanted to make their schools look better and to earn per
originally intended. that man's name is evan ebel. he's suspected of killing the state's corrections chief and a pizza delivery driver last month when ebel should have still been behind bars. state officials say ebel was supposed to serve another four years after completing an eight-year sentence. but that information never made it into the court records and the suspected gunman was let go. ebel was killed in a shootout with police in texas two days after investigators believe that he shot and killed prison official tom clements in colora colorado. >>> clean up efforts under way where barrels of oil spilled. pegasus pipeline as it's called ruptured on monday near mayflower. these are some of the first pictures we're seeing. exxon was fined three years ago for not properly inspecting another section of this aging pipeline. the spill renewed scrutiny on pipelines as the push to approve the keystone project, of course, spanning from canada to texas intensifies. and not helping the public image, this you-tube video of a mayflower resident driving around his neighborhood. look at that, some of
back. catherine leon, the wife of a murdered pizza driver, is irate after learning evan ebel, the man accused of killing her husband and colorado prison chief tom clements was mistakenly freed four years early from prison because of a clerical error. will riply from affiliate kusa has the unbelievable story. >> clerical error ain't going to bring my husband back, not going to bring tom clements back, not going to bring my children's father back. how do i tell my 4 year old, daddy was murdered because of a clerical error. >> reporter: outrage does not begin to describe how catherine leon is feeling. >> irate. how do you feel when something like this happens? >> reporter: the man suspected of killing her husband, nate leon, should still be in prison, a fremont county court made a mistake, a clerical error that led to ebel's release four years early. ebel killed leon while he was delivering pizza and killed department of corrections officer tom clements. >> i want to know who is going to stand up and beaccountable. i don't mean by saying we send condolences. who's going to stand up and b
the last days of evan ebel, the white supremacist suspected of killing colorado's prison chief. court documents reveal the parolee managed to slip out of his ankle monitor. he also stopped reporting to his parole officer, but it took six days before officials issued a warrant for his arrest. it was during that time that the prison chief and a pizza deliveryman were both gunned down. >>> to politics now and the political comeback of south carolina's former governor, mark sanford. he has won the republican primary for his old congressional seat. his career was derailed after he revealed an extramarital affair with an argentinean woman. that couple engaged. sanford will now face elizabeth colbert busch, the sister of stephen colbert. >>> miserable across parts of central texas last night as heavy thunderstorms dumped several inches of rain right at rush hour. scattered power outages were reported in austin and nearly a dozen motorists had to be rescued from their cars, but the rain was welcome in the area that's been hit hard -- hard hit by the drought. >>> some severe weather is a threa
, the same prison crew that evan ebel belonged to. they were infrequently in contact with him via the phone. >>> another lawman has been gunned down. eugene crum was fatally shot in the spot where he usually parked his car for lunch. the suspect is in the hospital. a deputy chased him. his motive unknown but sheriff crum was known for his tough stance on drug dealers. >>> connecticut's governor looks forward to signing the new law. some parts will take effect immediately after the governor's signature including background checks for all firearms sales and during an appearance in denver, president obama said new gun laws in that state show there doesn't have to be a constitutional conflict. >>> all right, the last 24 hours for the carnival cruise ship "triumph" have plenty of people asking if it's cursed. hurricane-force winds yesterday blew the "triumph" away from its dock where it was being repaired following that disastrous cruise back in february. abc's matt gutman has details. >> reporter: for the second time in as many months, all aboard the carnival "triumph" were left adrift. this ti
of all prison inmate sentences to assure they are serving the right amount of time. evan ebel was let go four years too soon accidentally. there will be an independent review of the parole process, this after ebel removed his monitoring device and his parole officer lost contact. >> i can tell you the officer that was responsible for evan ebel's supervision is an outstanding officer, and i will stand here before you and tell you that we have found nothing that has brought -- been brought to my attention with regard to any deficiencies in his management of the offender population. >> reporter: the department of corrections here says this is going to be an extensive process, as you can imagine, because, jon, these records number in the thousands. jon. jon: so many strange and sad turns in this case. thank you. jenna: this just in, north korea telling britain and russia to consider evacuating their embassies in pyongyang. britain says it was told its staff members that are there, that their safety will not be guaranteed after april 10th in the event of a conflict. this is following a series
corrections chief tom clements. court officials say that evan spencer ebel who allegedly shot clements at his home in colorado last month was mistakenly released from prison four years early due to a paperwork error. ebel was later killed in a shootout by texas authorities. police are looking into the possibility of a link between the colorado and texas slayings. >>> there's some good news for louisville kevin ware, the sophomore guard is already up on crutches after his tragic accident during sunday night's ncaa game versus duke. louisville coach rick pitino brought ware the game trophy when he visited monday morning where his mother said she's proud how brave her son has been throughout this ordeal. >> he's very positive. he's not so much focusing in on what happened but he's focusing on recovery. >> ware will have no medical bills related to the injury, and he'll join his teammates in atlanta saturday when they face wichita state in the final four. >>> bill karins joins us right now. that is amazing how fast that happened. the steel rod in and now he's up. >> they say he may be in atlanta
and dangerous with violent tendencies. they were in phone contact with evan ebel hours before the he was shot. ebel was killed in a police shootout in texas. the texas prosecutor and his wife shot to death in their home are remembered at a memorial service. kaufman district attorney, mike mclelland and his wife killed last saturday. a search for clues did not turn up a suspect, but the sheriff's department says a man has been arrested for threatening an investigator. >>> yet another lawman was shot dead yesterday. he was a west virginia sheriff known for his tough stance on drug dealing. the suspect is now in the hospital this morning after being shot by police. with more here is abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: in west virginia, a tearful prayer. >> thank you, lord. >> reporter: the county sheriff eugene crum was sitting in his car on lunch break when a man walked up and fired at point-blank range. sheriff crum died a short time later. >> heartbreaking, the whole community is heartbroken. because we knew he really cared. >> reporter: the suspect, was caught after a chase and gun battle with
for two men in connection with the murder of the colorado corrections teef. evan ebel was a member of the 211 crew. he was killed in a shootout. there's heavy security presence at the memorial for the texas district attorney and his wife. there's a sharp shooter on the roof. lawmakers from around the world are expected to attend that. they were killed in their home over the weekend. >>> more trouble for the carnival "triumph." it broke free in mobile, alabama. there were hurricane force winds that caused that. >>> jeffrey skilling may get out of jail early. he's jailed for his role in the energy giant's collapse. in prison a deal is being discussed with his attorneys and justice department. >> kevin ware is speaking out about the injury that ruined his season and inspired his team to make it to the ncaa final 4 championships. >> put me on the stretcher. i'm grabbing their shirts saying we have to win this game. i was so happy when i woke up to see that trophy. zap technology. departure. hertz gold plus rewards also offers ereturn-- our fastest way to return your car. just note your
murdered by a man who was let out of prison early because of a clerical error. evan ebel was mistakenly freed in january. last month he killed the prison chief. then died in a gunfight with police in texas. that's led investigators to ask whether the colorado murder is linked to those murders of the texas prosecutors. >>> some families who lost their loved ones in the aurora shooting massacre are welcoming the decision by prosecutors to seek the death penalty. others say they fear emotionally wrenching trials which could last months. abc's brandi hitt is covering the case. >> reporter: prosecutors want the accused gunman behind last year's movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado, to be executed if convicted. for james egan holmes, justice is death, the prosecutor told judge, as several victims' relatives cried in court. >> thumbs up to the death penalty. >> reporter: brian beard's friend, alex sullivan, was one of 12 killed last july during a midnight movie premiere. dozens were wounded. prosecutors say they spoke to 800 victims and their families leading up to this decision. and rej
of killing the state's corrections chief should not have been free. evan ebel was released from prison four years early because of a clerical error. ebel was supposed to serve more time for punching a prison guard. the court papers failed to specify the assault sentence should be consecutive. translation, after the one he was already serving. the mistake has led officials to now review their procedures. >> i am confident that they will fix the problem going forward, and that won't happen again. and i think it's probably worth the effort to go back and make sure that we don't have any other cases out there where this problem has occurred before. >> ebel is also suspected of murdering a pizza delivery deliver last month. he was killed in that shoot-out with police in texas two weeks ago. >> we're going to reaction from a former skinhead and a former member of the aryan nation. he'll talk to us about colorado and texas. >>> connecticut lawmakers have reached an agreement on a strict new gun law. christine romans has that. >> new this morning a bipartisan task force of lawmakers agreeing in con
in frequent contact with evan ebel. the men reportedly spoke to him 24 hours before clements was killed. shot in cold blood in daylight. a sherrif with a reputation for cracking down on drug dealers shot while eating in his car outside a courthouse. new details about that gunman. witnesses say the suspect approached sherrif eugene crumb and fired twice into his car. the gunman walked to his truck and drove away. a few minutes later he was wounded in a shootout with cops. >> north korea taking its threats to a new level. its army ratified a -- quote -- "mercy list -- merciless nuclear strike against america." it is the latest in its daily war-like threats. so should we be worried? >> i think in terms of reaching the united states that that's unlikely, to say the least. impossible probably. but it's not to underestimate north korea's capability to do something to south korea or japan. and i think that the risk of this increasingly belligerent rhetoric, they're well past prior north korean play books on this. >>gretchen: the u.s. is sending missile interceptor to guam in case north korea does la
of evan ebel, the man police say gunned down colorado's prison chief. he was supposed to have spent an extra four years behind bars. >> believe it or not, that is oil that you're seeing right there. on the streets of arkansas four days after an exxon oil pipeline burst in a neighborhood. clean-up crews have already recovered up to 12,000 barrels and found several ducks that have been covered in oil. >> president obama's budget will clue a $112 million proposal for a unique science initiative. >> there's this enormous mystery waiting to be unlocked. the brain initiative will change that by giving scientists the tools they need to get a dynamic picture of the brain in action and better understand how we think and how we learn. >> all right. so here's some really good news to pass along. a hopeful kevin ware is about to start on the tough road to recovery. the 20-year-old louisville basketball player is expected to leave the hospital in the next hour or so, two days after suffering that terrifying leg injury during sunday's basketball game. for access to one of the top wealth managemen
. and the court clerk listed as concurrent instead of consecutive. in january evan ebel was mistakenly delivered. he murdered a pizza deliveryman and chief clements. he was killed in a shootout with police in texas. there's more. late today the colorado department of corrections listing new information about the parole. days before the murder he slipped his ankle monitoring bracelet, but an arrest warrant was not issued for several days too late to prevent two murders. and the district corner apologizing for ebel's ma mistaken early release. did you know about obamacare, if you use subsidies, you could get hit with surprise tax bills, why? because the only person who understands this law in the whole city is here to explain. lisa, nice to see you. >> hi. >> how is it that you could end up paying money? >> the health care law provides subsidies for some people to receive health care through these exchanges, these marketplaces that are going to offer a variety of choices on health insurance. now, you receive a subsidy based on income. the more you make, the less you receive. this is geared toward
evan ebel was serving, he was anything but a model prisoner, threatening to harm or kill prison authorities. in november 2006, this report describes ebel striking a staff member. the note said threatened to kill staff member and family. in 2005, this report described another chilling account of ebel's rage, telling a staff member he would kill her if he ever saw her on the streets and would make her beg for her life. this new information on his violent behavior, combined with the revelation a clerical error allowed him to released early, added to the anger and anguish of families. kathryn williams the first person he is suspended of killing. >> clerical error is not going to bring my husband back, not going to bring tom clements back. not going to bring my children's father back. how do i tell my 4-year-olds, oh, daddy was murdered because of a clerical error. >> reporter: in addition to that mistake, documents obtained by cnn show it took colorado authorities five days to realize a paroled ebel had disabled his ankle monitor and fled. beginning what investigators say was a dead
or texas. the two men are part of the same gang that evan ebel belonged to. he was killed in a shootout with texas police. stay with fox news channel for the latest on this breaking news. it almost never happens and now it's happened twice, in less than two months, two texas prosecutors gunned down, murdered, one in broad daylight walking to his car and the other in his home and his wife murdered as well. and tonight, several new developments for the search killer or killers. and molly has the latest. le teapparently there's a man arrested, but not in connection with the murders? >> that's right, greta. there was a press conference where authorities came out publicly and said that this gentleman had been arrested, but that he was not a suspect in connection with the shooti shooti shooting. he had been charged with making terroristic threats. >> were these threats on the tip line for one of the murders of one of the d.a.'s? >> that's what the authorities said. they released a search warrant affidavit and according to that, investigators had received these threats on a tip line, a crime s
-convict evan ebel was one of the suspects. he was killed two days after clements' death, during a shootout with police in texas. colorado authorities are now looking for two other men, both associated with the white supremacist prison gang, the "two eleven crew." for the latest on what is unfolding in texas, we turn to tanya eiserer, reporter with the "dallas morning news." welcome to the program. tell us what the latest is on these cases. >> well, as you can imagine, authorities are still working around the clock on this investigation. they have not identified a suspect. in fact, they have no solid leads about any particular individual or individuals which is, of course, of great concern given the nature of these assassinations. >> woodruff: when you say "no solid leads," literally no evidence at all? >> well, i know people vovpled in this investigation and they're running down hundreds of leads. there are many leads coming in regarding the aryan brotherhood. there are many leads coming in regarding possible cartel involvement as well as other people that were prosecuted by that office bu
into custody in colorado springs. police say he is linked to evan ebel, the man suspected of killing clements. he was shot down when he opened the front door at his house last month. in an exclusive interview, his widow and daughters talked to cnn about how they would like him to be remembered. >> we'd like people to see how he lived his life and that that is so much more important than how he died. that he lived his life with such passion and such compassion for other people. >> all that happened was just unmentionable darkness. but i trust that
remember evan ebel cut off his ankle monitoring celebratelet six days before the murders and stopped doing his daily call in with probation officer it. it took that long for a warrant to be issued. after visits were made to his family and repeated attempts to find him failed. in addition, examination will be done on all current prison inmate sentences. governor john hickenlooper's office wants to make sure all are serving the correct amount of time. this because ebel was released from prison four years early due to what they're calling a clerical error, jon? >> jon: alicia acuna in denver. thanks. we learn about a new arrest in texas investigators look into shooting death of district attorney and his wife in their own home. and before funeral service could say get underway today, teams first had to handle a bomb threat. we're live in texas. plus, a family with three young children stranded in the florida everglades overnight after their air boat got stuck. you will hear from the father about their cold, wet scary ordeal next. if youthen this willbrids arbe a nice surprise. meet the 5-passe
. turns out in 2008, evan ebel was already serving time in prison when he was ordered to serve an additional four years for assaulting a guard. according a statement by the 11th judicial court here there was an addition that was supposed to be tacked onto the time he was already serving. but in an error by a clerk, it was actually put down in the paperwork that it was to become concurrent. so, ebel was mistakenly released this past january. now in a statement released by the court the court says quote, the district has undertaken a review of its practices in an effort to avoid a reoccurrence of this circumstance. the court regrets this oversight and extends condolences to the families of mr. nathan leon and mr. tom clement. ebel was killed in a gunbattle with authorities last month. he ran to colorado where they finally caught up to him in texas. martha: that is not much solace i would imagine for the families of these victims. this clerical error? >> reporter: no, not at all. tom clements family is not speaking at this time. tom clements you will remember is the prison directo
of colorado corrections chief tom clements. court officials say that evan spencer ebel who allegedly shot clements in monument colorado last month was mistakenly released from prison four years early do you to a paperwork issue. there's a possibility of a link between the colorado and texas slayings. >>> good news today. that is for louisville basketball player kevin ware. yes, the sophomore guard is already up on crutches after his tragic accident during sunday night's ncaa game versus duke. louisville coach brought ware the game trophy when he visited monday morning where his mother said, she is so proud of her brave son and he has been so very brave through all of this. >> he's very positive. he's not so much focusing on what happened but he's focusing on the recovery of it all. >> we all want him to recover. ware will join his teammates in atlanta saturday when they face wichita state in the final four. definitely not going to miss that. >> here's a first look at the dish of scrambled politics for you. monday was opening day for major league baseball. but now we know just how much tea
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